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To celebrate my 12,000 page veiws, i am doing a list of my top 3 fave things, and ill be putting lots! but keep in mind, there may be spoilers as i will be sayign why i like said things, so cotninue at your own risk!

top 3 fave movies:

number 3: The Secret World of Arrietti
why: well, this movie is fucking amazing! i love it~ not only dose it have tiny's in it (wich i love~) but it is such a sweet story~ its about these tiny people called the borrowers who take things form human homes that they wont miss, and use them in there daily lives. and its so sweet how this boy who moved to his gramdma's found these tiny little poeople and he trys to help them and they fear him and cuteness and then they learn to trust him and he saves them and at the end whem they have to leave cus its not safe there sence they have been found by his grandma, it was so emotinal! sad music and watching them float waay down teh stream on a tea pot its so sad! but it ended happy how later it says that the boy heird form one fo his neibors taht things have been going missing, and its glad to know that they are safe, plus the tiny girl is SO CUTE OMG!

number 2: X-men: Days of Future Past
why: its kinda hard to exsplane this to someone who hasent seen it, or to those not fna of the X-men movies, but it starts in the future and wolverine has to go back in time to stop the world ending and shit and its SO COOLO! he had ot go back cus he was the onyl one who can survive and it was itnerestign to see the X-men cast when they where younger, and it is so cool with badass action scenes, and waht i love about this is that during the entire thing you feel like there is impending doom and your not going to make it quite at the right time. beacus it seems that he is constatnly barly behind and things are just goign hawire! and its so graet to see mystique doing soemthing good~

number 1: Frozen
why: do i need to exsplane? XD whatever, ill exsplane cus i feel like it. i love this movie cus of the ritch story both in the movie and its creation process. i love the relationship betwean Anna and Elsa and how much anna cares, there was a plot twist hear and there and watchign Elsa make her ice castle was fucking amazing! it has great sound tracks that are some of my faveroute music and it has lovable characters (looking a tyou olaf the goof~) and evryone is well fleshed out and has a great personailty, and this is one of the few movies that i LIKE the songs playing, most of the time im like "nyug *hides face*" but i love these! and seeign Elsa struggle with her powers and her empotinal distress, and the end is so emotinal holy hsit wathcign anna get frozne solid tis like "holy shit! she acutally didnt make it!?" of corse she ends up survivng in a super emotinal act of cuteness and love~ its amazing!

Honorable mentions:
All the lord of the rings movies
Wreak it Ralph
Star wars: revenge of the sith

My top 3 villains:

number 3: Mystique
why: she is such a misterious character! i love it~ her shapshifting abilitys are badass and she herself, is badass. she was in soem fo teh bost epic fights and i love how she seems to take no shit from anyone and just acts all on her own at times, she is the deffinition of badass. and i dont like her just cus she is sexy (tho she is~) but her baskstory is also very sad. i freaking love her

number 2: Fawful
why: i fucking love this guy! he si SO WEIRD! and i love him~ he is a checky basterd who tricked bowser into eating a vacume shroom and had him eat peach, mario, and the toads along with luigi. the entire time he planned to rule the mushroom kingdome and he even took over bowser's castle, mind controlled all his minnions, took over peaches castle, and infected all teh toads with a deadly virus. that is one badass man am i right!? he over took fucking boswer AND peach for crying out loud! and at one point he even absorbed the dark star and became a even moor badass guy! and his backstory is pretty good. sucks that he's dead >.> *sigh* why dose nitendo give such crule fates to any villain other then bowser?

number 1: General Grievous
why: dear lord i fucking LOVE THIS GUY! i mena his backstory is so fucking ritch i cant even say it hear its so long and awesome! you cna read it hear:… he is a cyborg wich is badass, i love his anger and its funny how he destorys his own droids in his anger! he is abdass and steels light sabers from the jedi he kills and he can easly take on 4 jedi at one time and probably come out on top. he has 4 arms, his 2 arms cna spit into 4 wich is SO COOL and his spinning attack is so fucking cool, and his mvoie fight scenes are just as good as in the tv show, i love it! i FUKCING LOVE IT! and his death scene was so freakign cool dear god i loved it! it was SO INTENCE OMG!

Honrable mentions:
Count Bleck
The Fallen

top 3 fave plants in PVZ:

Number 3: E.M.Peach
why: I like the idea of it first of all, and being one of the only 2 peaches EVER to be in any PVZ game, this little guy is speshile! Wha ti like about it is its abiltiy to disable amshinery temeraliy, giving you tiem to pumble them! This plant is almost mandatory in the far future endless! Its ability to disable many mashines at onec, allows you to take on zombies that would be devestating (and sometimes near impossible) without its help, such as Gargantuar prime and the Discotron-3000! This little guy is cute and amazing~ I love it!

number 2: Winter Melon
why: I bet a lot of people will agree with me when I say this thing is badass, and in PVZ 2 its about time, it isnt even a upgrade anymoor! You can get it normally! (tho it dose coost 500 sun to plant, thats still less then in the first game) its abiltiy to deal a large amount of damage on a 3X3 area AND slow tehm down is amazing and I will be using this guy im almost every leval if I ever get to play PVZ 2. and its plant food upgrade is amazing! It turns intoa  cannon and shoots sevral winter melons that deel even moor damage and with the commbonation of them all, it will deal massave damge (proabbly kill most non super tough zombies) and those that arnt dead will be slowed down! Allowign yoru other plants to kill them safely~

number 1: Hypno Shroom
why: OMG I WUV THIS THING~ its cute and its cute and its cute~ lol anyway, I love the idea of making a zombie turn around and fighting for you and I always had fun hypnotizing disco zombies and having them and there back up dancers wreak the other zombies~ I alos like its alamac entrey, it says that it can easly convince zombies to fight for the plants, but has yet to make one dance like a chicken... one day... one day... I laughed so hard when I read that! You go hypno shroom~ and its plant food upgrade HOLY SHIT! It glows and when eaten the eaten zombie will turn intoa  hypnotized gargantuar! Do you know how OP that is!? I watched a guy use plant food hypnoshrooms as its main defence and after the gargantuar was spawned, it killed every zombie in tis row and walked off screen. It was so cool~ btw incase you dont understand gargantuar's attack is a instant kill, and it curshes plants so it cant normaly get hypnotizzed. I love this cute little guy~

honorable mentions:
Venus flytrap
lightning reed
snap dragon

top 3 fave zombies in PVZ:

Number 3: Wizard zombie
why: this guy is funny, his ability is that he transforms your plants into sheep. Why sheep? I dont know! No one knows! Even its alamac entrey says everone wonders why but wont say it to his fac,e cus, you know, he'll turn em into sheep >.< I find it hilarious that it turns the plants into pasive sheep that cant do a thing! And its deadly when there is a lot of them and you cant kill em fast enuf!

Number 2: Robo-cone zombie
why: not sure why I like this one so much, maybe cus it looks cool? Maybe cus it can survive an isntant kill and eats plants with a metal mouth thingy? Maybe cus its alamac entrey is funny? Idk, but I love it~

number 1: Dr Edgar George Zomboss
why: how could I NOT put this guy as number 1? sorry if its predictable, but I love the doctor with a passion~ I had a fuck ton of fun fighting him over and over in the original game, wicha  catchy theme that I love it was tons and tons of fun~ he wasnt very hard but it was fun none the less and I love the suttle build up~ and in the second game, he comes with multaple of these mashine things and is way tougher and quite difficult! I love him and everything about him~

Honrable mentions:
Gargantuar prime
Giga Gargantuar
Bug Bot Imp
Jester zombie
Catapult zombie

top 3 fave boss battles:

number 3: Bowser (from Super Mario Galaxy 2)
why: Omg this was one hell of an epic boss fight and honestly it was HARD, even after you learn his attackign pattersn its fucking HARD! I love the idea of fighting a giant bowser and seeign his gaitn form slamming fists down and calling meteors makes you feel weak like there is nearly no way you can beat him! The music is intence making you feel like your fighting a god! and I was pumped for the fight, and I honestly had adrenalin pumping threw me cus of how intence it was! The galaxy generator was fun and hard and it was a loght difficult track to him that honestly I mgith have yelled at the screen one or two times during that leval. And how you defeat him, I mena, you kick metoersINTO HIS FACE! Is that not AWESOME!?!?!?!?

number 2:  The Pokemon Champion + Elite 4
why: I love these guys, not a specific one, just, all of them. I love the idea as you play threw the game collecting badges, it feals like there is always something stronger looming in the distence watiing for you. And when you fight them with the pokemon you've raised with love and gone threw all the cahllenges, it feels good! And this isnt some kind of giant monster or soemthing, there just people. The best of the best. And you are going to take them DOWN!

number 1: The Great Mighty Poo
why: omg I love this guy, anyone who played Conkers bad furr day or watched youtbe vidoes of it understand why this guy is first place! This boss is litterly, a giant peace of shit with sweet corn for teath. Not only that, but its a 5 star opera as well! You fight him by doging giant balls of shit, and throwing toilet paper into his mouth. And at the end, you flush him down a giant toilet... it is hilarious and amazing and I love every second of it, almost wishing there was moor.

Honorable mentions:
Dark bowser (from mario and luigi bowser's inside story)
Master Hand + Crazy Hand
Blizzard Midbus
Hades (from kid iccirus uprising)
Midusa (agen from kid icirus uprising)
The Chariot master (agen from that same game)

top 3 fave foods:

Number 3: Chedder filled Sausages
why: dear lord its SO GOOD! I dont need to exsplane why this is amazing do I? Just go try some dame it!

Number 2: Ramen
why: oh god ramen noodles are so good! Espeshily when there authentic Japanese noodles! Not only do they taste really good and there often spicey, but the smell alone is god like!

Number 1: Watermellon
why: I love this~ its so yummy~ I like how its somewhat fun to eat, and it feels so godo when the cold juices slide down your throught~ also its mostly watter, wich is cool~

honorable mentions:
Bannana and Strawberry smoothies

top 3 fave quotes:

Number 3: 'It dosent matter how hard your hit, what matters is how hard you can get hit, and then keep going” - some random person on a Comercial idk
why: so inspirational~

number 2: “When I was young my mom told me that happyness is the key to life. At school they asked me what I want to be when I grow up, I wrote down happy. They told me I didnt understand the question. I told them they didnt understand life” - idk im sorry
why: lol

Number 1: “Minecraft is like an abusive relationship, you try to leave but it just keeps sucking you back in!” - peanutbuttergammer
why: XD I laughed so hard XD

Honerable mentions:
“I cant remmeber the honorable mentions im sorry! - me ^^;

top 3 fave youtubers:

Number 3: Haydunn
why: if you dont already WATCH THIS GUY RIGHT NOW I DONT EVEN NEED TO EXSPLANE THIS GUY IS FLIPPING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

number 2: Skydoseminecraft
why: anyone who knows this guy would understand, but be confused why he's not first. Id tlel you all to go watch his videos and thent ell em you dont like him or didnt laugh at all. You should still do that, but im gonna exsplane anyway. He's fuckign hilarious, cares for his awtchers deeply and lissions to tehm, as like, a 3ed of his vidoes are fan requests (not actualy doing the math, just a rough estimate) very few people can make he laugh like him!

number 1: Antvenom
why: I honestly dont have as much resion as I do sky, but I love antvenom the most. Maybe cus his voice makes me smile and relax like no one elses can, he has  creative work and cares for his viewrs wich is very important, he talks to us and exsplanes everything we might ever want wich is a godo thing instead og being annoying as some might think. I love as he has a calm voice and he seems like a normal every day gammer like me!

Honrable mentions:
Gaijan Goomba
Pewdiepie (please dont kill me for not putting him on the list!)
yogcast lewis and simon

top 3 fave Pokemon:

Number 3: Whiscash
why: This pokemon has an interesting backstory to its creation, its based off japanese folk lore about a giant catffish like demon that cused devenstation earthquakes. I love this guy a lot and I dotn got a lot of resions why, I just do. All I gotta say is screw seaking, FUCK YA WHISCASH!

number 2: Zapdos
why: another pokemon with great past! This pokemon is based off the thunderbird, search it up! This thing looks badass, altho being the samllest of the 3 legendary bird trio, I like it the most! It has a unique typing and I love just walling the shit out of people with sub roost~

number 1: Melloetta
why: I love its 2 different forms and how it swaps fromm phsiical to speshile! i also like how it reminds me of Miku and honestly i think it looks sexy. come on, im sure 98% of the men reading this have looked at sexual gardevoir pictures. so why not meloetta!?

honrable mentions:

Top 3 fave glitchs in videogames:

number 3: where dose the door go? - pokemon yellow
why: it is fucking CRAZY! Omg lol
why it happens: its... hard to exsplane, watch this to figure it out, he did it better then I could exsplane…

number 2: Swing set Capapult – Grand theift auto 3
why: I dont relaly need to exsplane this for those who know it. When you back up your car into the swingset at a serten playground, ti shoots you into the sky, its fuckign hilarious XD
why it happens: The swing set has an odd colision detention. So when your car moves into it, the game trys to push yoru car out of the hitbox as you shouldent be inside another object. Such, this glitch was born!

number 1: Female symbol – pokemon yellow
why: It is a weird and intersting glitch, and I love the fact it has an endless cry, its really coll!
Why it happens: im sorry but I honestly got NO fucking idea! XD I cant find it on goggle ether....

Honorable mentions:
MissingNO – pokemon red/blue
flying tank – grand theft auto 5
Kill screen – its in multaple games, some exsamples are: Donkey kong on the arcade, pacman on the arcade, and duck hunt!
Farlands - minecraft

I hope you enjoyed this~
thanks everyone for making this happen
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And interesting, Omanyte is an honorable mention.
love how you apologize for Pewdiepie not being in the Top3, lol. I'm a huge Pewdiepie fan, I've watched every videoxD
horserax Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
lol ya, i was worryed that crazed pewds cna woudl eb like HOW U NOT LIKE PEWDZ WGFJ(BG*(WB*(_G" lol and thanks for the congrats, omanyte was almost there cus he is just SO FUCKING CUTE
TheWhiteScatterbug Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The only people who doesn't like him are jealous hatersxD
Nice, Omanyte is surely cutex)
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And Frozen, really~? Why can't you people just...... 'Let it Go'~ :rofl:
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